Not All Stretches Are Equal

Stretching is often overlooked, but is an easy way to prevent injuries and recover from workouts. Here is an article that compares dynamic to static stretching. Check out this article here.

Time to Dispel the Myths About Women’s Fitness

Have you ever been discouraged from doing something because of a myth you have heard? There are a ton of myths out there when it comes to women and exercising, and can often times result in a lot of missed beneficial opportunities. We found an article that we think you should read that dispels three very common myths of women’s fitness! Check out the article here.

Spice Up Your Workout Playlist

shesfit-blog-12012015Winter is almost here, but if you’re looking for some songs to keep you in the fall state of mind while you work out, then this is your list. Try adding one of these to your player and keep motivated to work out even when it’s cold outside! See the full list of songs here.

Get Rid of Underarm Jiggle!

shesfit-armworkoutDo you have some wiggling under your arms that you’d rather live without? We understand! There’s no way to target just that specific area, but doing upper body and arm workouts will help tighten and tone everything to improve it for you! Here are some exercises from Wellness Junky to guide you. Or, if you’d rather, ask one of our experts at the gym!

Dive on In!

shesfit-aquazumbaAt She’s Fit, we don’t have a pool, but we know that the best way to beat the heat this summer and get in your daily exercise is by swimming. It can also be a fantastic addition to a normal strength training routine to get lean, as swimming works just about every muscle in the body. Don’t believe us? Read this article to learn more!

Stuck in a Rut with Your Workouts?

shesfit-workoutDid you know that you should switch up your workouts regularly in order to continue to see results? The results you’re looking for, such as weight loss, muscle tone, and overall healthiness are dependent on the exercises you’re doing, and if you’re doing the same ones over and over, then they’re going to stop working for you.

Read more in this article from Women’s Health.

Interesting Upcoming Fitness Trends

2406801_sWhile we certainly don’t endorse any one style of fitness routine, we certainly understand needing motivation to workout. For some people, that motivation is the hot new workout trends and staying ahead of them. In early anticipation of the end of the year, head on over to Huffington Post to learn more about the upcoming trends. If you’re feeling inspired or have questions, come talk to us!

Women’s Health Report: Why you’re MORE sore after exercising

Leg-Exercises-Dont-Hurt-KneesWe in the office were reading an article published by Women’s Health, and it talks about a very common “FAQ” – Why am I more sore two days after exercise than one day after?? The answer? Because your body is trying to heal itself after a really good workout. The process is called DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. If you work out three to five days a week, you’ll find that your muscle soreness is minimal after just a couple weeks, your body doesn’t have time to be sore! But if you work out only two days a week, you’ll spend more discouraging days being sore!

Read the full article on Women’s Health.