Planning for Success


Many of us take a break from our normal workout routine to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Everyone deserves a break from time to time and you should enjoy it. However, getting back into your routine can be difficult if you push too hard or if you don’t give yourself a deadline of when to do so. Click here for some tips on how to best get back into your routine. Happy Holidays!

Machine Workouts for Beginners


Working out on machines for the first time can be intimidating, but we’re here to help! This article from has some fabulous tips as well as a few workout routines if you’ve never lifted anything besides a free weight. Then, come in and give these routines a try in our gym today!

Get Bikini-Body Ready


Summertime is upon us, and if you’re worried that you’re not quite ready to step out in your bikini, you are not alone! We found an article with 8 last minute tricks to get bikini- body ready courtesy of Results Fitness. Check it out here!

Make Time for Exercise


Are you a mom that struggles to find time to work out? We found a great article at the Daily Burn which encourages including the kids in your workout. See 16 other great tips here.

Time to Dispel the Myths About Women’s Fitness

Have you ever been discouraged from doing something because of a myth you have heard? There are a ton of myths out there when it comes to women and exercising, and can often times result in a lot of missed beneficial opportunities. We found an article that we think you should read that dispels three very common myths of women’s fitness! Check out the article here.

Get Rid of Underarm Jiggle!

shesfit-armworkoutDo you have some wiggling under your arms that you’d rather live without? We understand! There’s no way to target just that specific area, but doing upper body and arm workouts will help tighten and tone everything to improve it for you! Here are some exercises from Wellness Junky to guide you. Or, if you’d rather, ask one of our experts at the gym!

Bucket List for Adventure

Are you an active-ista who loves a good adventure? Do you have a fitness bucket list? We think you should, and so does Women’s Health! They made a list of 11 things that should be on your bucket list, and we’re sharing it with you. The list includes things like white water rafting, trapeze school, hikes and runs.

View the full list here.

Women’s Health Report: Pregnant Women Should Avoid Canned Tuna

canned-tunaA recent article posted on Today Health wrote that the high levels of mercury commonly found in canned tuna and other fresh fish options like halibut or grouper could be dangerous to pregnant women and should be avoided. Fresh choices such as Tilapia, Salmon and Cod are a better choice for pregnant women who would like to make sure they’re getting their recommended Omega-3s.

Read the full article here.

Diabetic women need to try a combination of strength and cardio exercises

8347348_sIn an article that was published on earlier this month, studies found that women with diabetes were seeing better results in their health from a combination of both cardio and strength training, in comparison to just one or the other. Exercise and healthy eating are highly recommended for patients with diabetes and the results show that it helps to control their blood sugar (glucose) level, blood fats, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.

Read the full article on their site. Stop by and see us to learn more about how we can help you reach your healthy goals!