Healthy Eating at a Barbecue


It’s barbecue season! Eating healthy at a cookout can be tough, but you can enjoy yourself even in a challenging setting. To find out ways to savor your favorite summer dishes, check out these tips from here.

Get Bikini-Body Ready


Summertime is upon us, and if you’re worried that you’re not quite ready to step out in your bikini, you are not alone! We found an article with 8 last minute tricks to get bikini- body ready courtesy of Results Fitness. Check it out here!

Make Time for Exercise


Are you a mom that struggles to find time to work out? We found a great article at the Daily Burn which encourages including the kids in your workout. See 16 other great tips here.

Interested in Trying the Paleo Lifestyle?

shesfit-fruitsAre you interested in trying out the Paleo lifestyle? Here’s an interesting Women’s Health article that discusses some things that most people won’t tell you about this alternative diet solution. The Paleo diet is centered on non-processed foods that a caveman could have realistically survived on, such as fruits, vegetables, and animal protein. It cuts out other high starch items like corn, and legumes, and also dairy.

Read the full article here.