After-Indulgence Detox


If you normally stick to a healthy diet, you will notice the impact of holiday indulgence more than others. All those extra calories during the holidays leave us all feeling a little sluggish. This article from has some excellent suggestions on how to detox and get back to feeling great in no time!

Make the Most of your Workout


Here at She’s Fit we want you to have the best workout experience possible and achieve your maximum level of health. Not making the most of your workouts or hitting frustrating plateaus is something anyone who has been working out regularly experiences.  Here’s an article from with 10 suggestions for making the most of your gym time. Come see us and make the most of your workout today!

Beat the Heat


Many of us like to take advantage of the warmer weather and extra hours of sunlight this time of year. However, take extra care of yourself when working out in the heat. Read this article from to ensure your safety.

Healthy Eating at a Barbecue


It’s barbecue season! Eating healthy at a cookout can be tough, but you can enjoy yourself even in a challenging setting. To find out ways to savor your favorite summer dishes, check out these tips from here.

Make Time for Exercise


Are you a mom that struggles to find time to work out? We found a great article at the Daily Burn which encourages including the kids in your workout. See 16 other great tips here.

Stay Committed

outdoorDo you change up your workout routine for each season? As the weather warms up, it’s a great time to get outside, soak up some sunshine, and get some exercise. We found a great article at to get some motivation to stay committed to your routine. Read the full article here!


Optimize Your Workout

Have you ever wondered if you’re making the most of your workout by exercising at the right time of day? Check out this article to see the perks of working out in the morning or afternoon to help decide what’s best for you.

Winter-Proof Your Workout This Year

Winter is upon us! Which is why we want to share this great article on how to winter-proof your workout. Read the article here.

Improving Your Posture Really Does Make a Difference

Aside from looking better when we sit and stand up straight, have you thought about the other ways posture affects your body and health? Maintaining a good posture has many health benefits, and not practicing good posture can lead to many problems. Check out the article here to read about 7 ways to improve your posture!

High Blood Pressure Problems?

health-1001If you’re unsure if you’re one of the 81.5% of Americans who have high blood pressure, your first step is to get yourself checked out. Hypertension symptoms don’t always present themselves, and the risk of other problems because of hypertension is dangerously high. If you do find out that you have hypertension, here are some was to help you combat it, Fitness magazine has compiled 11 ways to help you combat it.